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Round table conference: Democracy promotion East and South after the Arab Spring Re-evaluating the EU’s Engagement with Authoritarian Regimes

On the 1st and 2nd of December 2011, the round table conference on the EU’s policy towards author­i­tarian regimes, organised by the Maastricht University, the Trans-European Policy Studies Associ­ation and the Institut für Europäische Politik, took place in Brussels.

Senior members of the Brussels diplo­matic community and European insti­tu­tional decision makers, as well as academic scholars and relevant stake­holders came together in an objective minded, academic setting to provide a compar­ative perspective on EU relations with author­i­tarian regimes on its Eastern and Southern rim.

The conference aimed to analyse what paradigms and strategies have guided EU policies towards author­i­tarian regimes over the past decades, and the factors which explain the strengths and limita­tions of EU democracy promotion in author­i­tarian countries, in addition to presenting concrete policy recom­men­da­tions for future EU policy towards author­i­tarian regimes.

Conference Report

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