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Report on Civil dialogue on „Europas Grenzen – Wir müssen reden!“ in Hamburg

The Institut für Europäische Politik operating under the leadership of Europa Union Deutschland (EUD) organized a civil dialogue on „Europas Grenzen – Wir müssen reden!“ on 26. May in Hamburg. The internal and external borders of the European Union were the topic at the core of the debate, as well as questions connected to the European border management and its current devel­opment such as: Does the European Project meet its limits? Is the European capacity to act, its solidarity and the future prospect of the European Idea under threat?

At the dialogue „Europas Grenzen – Wir müssen reden!“ citizens are enabled to discuss with politi­cians and experts about the future of Schengen, the freedom to travel, the even more funda­mental freedom of movement, and also, how the migration crisis can be coped with on a European level. Will Europe become “Fortress Europe”? Are there viable alter­na­tives? Do we need once again border controls, walls and fences? Or do these devel­op­ments, in fact, jeopardise European solidarity and in the end maybe even our freedom? What about the achieve­ments of free movement and open borders?

Here you will find a detailed report on the event: (in German).

The next dialogue will take place on September 01 in Wuppertal.

Further infor­mation about the event and about the EUD series can be accessed at: