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German-Nordic-Baltic Forum 2013

On 21 and 22 November 2013, the fifth German-Nordic-Baltic Forum was held in Tallinn under the heading „Europe under pressure – how to overcome divisions and secure EU strength and coherence“. The conference was attended by about 50 partic­i­pants from academia and from the Foreign Offices of the three Baltic states as well as Sweden, Finland and Germany. The signif­i­cance of a close cooper­ation on EU matters between the govern­ments of the partic­i­pating states and of a unified voice on matters of economic and monetary policy was further highlighted by the partic­i­pation of Estonian Foreign Secretary Urmas Paet, who held the opening speech and had lively discus­sions with the participants.

The German-Nordic-Baltic Forum was organized in cooper­ation with the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute (EVI), Tallinn, and finan­cially supported by the Estonian side. As in previous years, the Forum was also gener­ously supported both finan­cially and personally by the German Federal Foreign Office.


Conference Report 2013