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German-Hungarian Forum, 10th Annual Conference

Problems and Perspec­tives of EU Enlargement: German and Hungarian Positions

The event in October 2000 was the 10th Annual Conference of the German-Hungarian Forum, which was founded in 1991. This anniversary conference attracted signif­icant interest, with more than 200 partic­i­pants from both countries discussing “Problems and Perspec­tives of EU Enlargement” in Berlin. The high-ranking forum, opened by Foreign Ministers Fischer and Martonyi and concluded by a speech from Hungarian President Mádl, found a very positive echo in both countries. In the end, the partic­i­pation of high-ranking delegates of the govern­ments, the heads of state of both countries (Presi­dents Rau and Mádl each invited the respective delega­tions of the German-Hungarian Forum to an exchange of views at Schloss Belvue), and repre­sen­ta­tives from business, economic organ­i­sa­tions and trade unions, confirmed the forum’s important position in terms of German-Hungarian relations.