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Civil Dialogue “And now, Europe? We have to talk!” in Potsdam

The Institute for European Politics as a scien­tific partner, together with the Europa-Union Deutschland, will organise the next Civil Dialogue in Potsdam on Thursday, 15 June 2017 under the title “And now, Europe? We have to talk!”. After a prelim­inary panel discussion on the topic “Where to go with Europe?”, the guests can inform themselves and change opinions in the two themed rooms “Europe’s role in the world: foreign policy, security, migration” and “Economy and Social: Work, Internal Market, Consumer, Social standards”. Below this article, you will find the complete program for download.

The regis­tration as well as additional infor­mation about the event and the EUD series Civil Dialogue can be found on the website of the Europa-Union Deutschland. At, you can already discuss online prior the event.