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Invitation to the Civil Dialogue “And now, Europe? We need to talk!” in Flensburg

For a long time, the EU was regarded as an indis­pensable insti­tution. However, now there is a serious threat to the community through strong right-wing tendencies, the Brexit and other renation­al­ization trends. On the other hand, there is also an ever-growing pro-European movement, such as the Pulse of Europe initiative.

How did this come about and how will the European project continue? Is there still a pan-European idea and could the EU disappear in its present form? What are the future visions for a united Europe?

Under the slogan “And now, Europe? We need to talk!”, we as a scien­tific partner together with the non-partisan Europa-Union Deutschland cordially invite you to a citizens’ dialogue on Thursday, 23 November 2017 to the Town Hall in Flensburg.

The regis­tration to the event is possible via the website of the Europa-Union Deutschland. The programme and further infor­mation will be available here shortly.

Do you want to contribute online to the citizens’ dialogue with your questions, ideas and positions? Discuss with others on Publix­phere.