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Civil Dialogue in Bremen: “And now, Europe? We need to talk!”

The Institute for European Politics invited to a civil dialogue in Bremen on 16 March 2017, entitled “And now, Europe? We need to talk!” and sponsored by the Europa-Union Deutschland. This dialogue with politi­cians and experts featured the exchange of opinions, experi­ences, expec­ta­tions, fears and hopes. In doing so, the largest civil initiative for Europe in Germany was estab­lished in 2017, following the successful format of its previous civil dialogues, “TTIP – we need to talk!” and “Europe’s borders: we need to talk!”.

The full program can be found below. We invite you to continue the discussion after the civil dialogue at

More infor­mation on the event and the EUD civil dialogue “And now, Europe? We need to talk!” can be accessed here.