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Beyond the debt crisis: long term perspective of the Euro zone

The Institut für Europäische Politik e.V. in cooper­ation with the Policy Planning Unit of the Federal Foreign Office organised an expert workshop on the long term economic perspec­tives of the Euro zone on the 20th of July 2011.

In the workshop titled „Jenseits des Schulden­berges – Konvergenz oder Divergenz im Euro-Raum?“ (“Beyond the mountain of debt – conver­gence or diver­gence in the euro area?“) officials from the federal ministries and researchers discussed the devel­opment of economic diver­gences within the Euro zone and their role in the root causes of the current sovereign debt crisis. This analysis served as a starting point for discussing the long term gover­nance of the Euro zone, also drawing on experience from other large currency areas. The inter­dis­ci­plinary seminar focused on both, the economic pros and cons of different gover­nance options as well as the political and legal sides of their implementation.