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26th annual meeting of the German-Hungarian Forum

Imre L. Molnár, Martina Eckardt, Laszlo Csernai and Robert Stüwe

The 26th annual meeting of the German-Hungarian Forum took place in Budapest on 25–26 October 2016 and was hosted by the Andrássy University Budapest. Around 200 partic­i­pants from politics, economy, science, civil society and media attended the conference. This year’s forum focused on German and Hungarian perspec­tives on European policy issues. Current topics and challenges facing the EU were debated in the high-ranking panels. The demographic devel­opment, its conse­quences for the labor market in Europa as well as the current political situation in the EU were open for discussion. The partic­i­pants continued to work in the following groups: “Compet­i­tiveness of Europe: New Ways and Concepts – Corporate potential” (WG Economics) and “The EU-Turkey Relations Mirrored in the German and Hungarian Media” (WG Media).

For more Infor­mation about the program, please visit the website of our partner organi­zation, the German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Trade.

In the run-up to the German-Hungarian forum, the 6th annual meeting of the German-Hungarian Young Forum took place at the Andrássy University Budapest as well.

General infor­mation about the German-Hungarian Forum, anchored in the bilateral partnership agreement of February 16, 1992 that has become an integral element of German-Hungarian relations, can be found here.

A compre­hensive report is available here (in German).