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23rd annual conference of the German-Hungarian Forum and third conference of the Young German-Hungarian Forum

On 28 and 29 November 2013, the 23rd annual conference of the German-Hungarian Forum was held in the German Federal Foreign Office, attended by over 150 experts from politics, business and academia. In parallel, the third Young German-Hungarian Forum was held in the premises of the Hungarian Embassy in Berlin. The Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP) organized the conference in cooper­ation with the German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

In panel discus­sions and working groups, the partic­i­pants discussed the present state the EU and the prospects for its future from a German and Hungarian perspective. The working groups focused in particular on the topics “Growth, compe­tition, innovation and dual training” as well as “The role of regional cooper­a­tions for the future of Europe”. The panel discus­sions centered on the bilateral relations in light of the difficult overall situation in Europe, which is currently charac­terised by challenges in the euro-zone, youth unemployment as well as questions regarding the safeguarding of funda­mental rights. In light of current events, the EU’s Eastern Partnership was discussed inten­sively. The Young German-Hungarian Forum dealt with these challenges by discussing the topics “Ways out of the crisis and youth unemployment”, “Europe’s value”, the “European Neigh­bourhood Policy” as well as “Infor­ma­tional self-deter­mi­nation between NSA and Facebook”.

The concluding panel of the two-day event, chaired by the Forum’s co-presi­dents, Elmar Brok, MdEP, and the former Hungarian foreign secretary and vice president of the Hungarian Council of the European Movement, Peter Bálasz, was dedicated to the topic “Europe as a vision and a community of values”. The closing address was held by EU Commis­sioner Günther Oettinger. He discussed the EU’s role in the world and pointed to the important impulses that Germany and Hungary can give together.

Programme (German)
Conference Report (German)