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13th Franco-German Dialogue 2011

The European Financial and Currency Crisis as a Cause for Increased Political Mistrust and National Retreat by Several Member States.

This year’s ASKO-EUROPA-FOUNDATION Franco-German dialog met on the 5th and 6th of May in the Europäischen Akademie Otzen­hausen (EAO) and focused on individual states’ return to their national perspec­tives and the strength­ening of EU skeptics and opponents of Monetary Union that was promoted by the monetary and fiscal policy crises. Under the title “Eurocrisis and Nation­alism in Europe – Is Integration Ended? Germany, France, and Poland Answer” the current difficult starting point for a united Europe was addressed.

The concern of the organizer was to accom­modate a broader transna­tional view in the conference, alongside the French and German perspec­tives. Thus, Poland’s role as a younger European member state, and for this reason hopefully an element that was looking towards the EU, was selected as the third viewpoint. Framed by two panel discus­sions, the three themat­i­cally distinct working groups were provided with further room for discussion. Here, the following focus areas were addressed: 1) “The future of the European Monetary Union”, 2) “Renation­al­ization trends and separatism in the EU Member States — Dangers of the integration project”, 3) “Poland’s role in and for Europe”. The third working group was coordi­nated by Dr. Katrin Böttger, the Deputy Director of the IEP, which is the long-standing partner of the organizer. 

By: Mirjam Schmid