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First round of CiSEP workshops successfully concluded in Chernihiv

Group Work

Getting Engaged: Commu­ni­cation and Funding of CSO Projects in the Associ­ation Process

From 18–21 January 24 members of CSOs from Northern and Eastern Ukraine success­fully concluded the last workshop in the first CiSEP (Civic School for Sound EU Practice) cycle in Chernihiv, Ukraine.

The workshop required a lot of hard work and inter­action. We discussed the topic “Commu­ni­cation for CSOs in the Associ­ation process” with Marina Rakić, EU Assis­tance Visibility and Infor­mation Officer of the EU Info Centre in Belgrade. What are the challenges of conveying the associ­ation process? How do we define our target groups? And which commu­ni­cation channel do we use to reach out to them? While discussing possible answers to these questions, we took a closer look at press releases, tweet-ups, profes­sional “speed-dating” and open door days, to name just a few. Needless to say that the results of our work were instantly posted, twittered, commu­ni­cated to the outside world.

Constanze Aka, IEP, and Dragan Popović, Director of the Policy Center in Belgrade, tackled the topics “Project Cycle Management” as well as “Fundraising and EU Funding Programs”. The intro­duction to the basics of EU project management laid the foundation for taking a closer look at funding oppor­tu­nities and the logical framework concept. Dragan shared his vast experience in this field and gave a great number of important tips to the partic­i­pants. He motivated them to get their own projects on track. Indeed, many project ideas are on their way. IEP wishes good luck and a lot of success!