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First presence workshop of the EUCAIS online master programme

The EUCAIS class 2010-2012 in front of the German Parliament building

From 29 August to 4 September 2010 the first presence workshop of the EUCAIS online master programme took place in Berlin. The 32 partic­i­pants of the first class of EUCAIS (2010–2012) arrived from their country of origin (Uzbek­istan, Turkmenistan, Tajik­istan, Kyrgyzistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and the Chinese Province of Xinjiang) and stayed for a one-week seminar at the Institut für Europäische Politik and Centre inter­na­tional de formation européenne in Wilmersdorf.

After the opening ceremony which took place at the European Commission Repre­sen­tation in Germany and was intro­duced by Ms Barbara Steffner, Head of the Political Department, the three courses of the first semester started:

1. History: “EU-Integration and European Central Asian Relations in a Changing World”; Prof. Dr. Hartmut MARHOLD, General Director, CIFE, Nice/Berlin

2. Politics: “Insti­ti­tu­tions, Decision-making and Core Policies in the External Action of the EU”; Prof. Dr. Wolfgang WESSELS, Jean Monnet Chair ad personam, University of Cologne

3. Economy: “Challenges and Trends of World Economy: Impli­ca­tions for the EU and Central Asia”; Prof. Dr. Wim KÖSTERS, University of Bochum/ Member of the Executive Board, Rhine-Westfalia Institute for Economic Research and Prof. Dr. Ansgar BELKE, University of Essen/ Research Director, DIW

The programme of this first presence workshop was completed by a visit to the German parliament building as well as a guided city tour to the historical Berlin and museums of the museum’s island.

After a fulfilling week of impres­sions, new friend­ships and inter­esting seminars, the EUCAIS partic­i­pants returned to their home towns, antic­i­pating their next gathering in the context of the second Berlin workshop that will be held in January 2011.