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Publication: Fact Sheets for the IEP Annual Conference

Source: IEP

Tradi­tionally, IEP organises every year a scien­tific conference together with its Academic Advisory Board. The 2021 Annual Conference “Integration at a Cross­roads: The Future of the EU and German European Policy” focuses on the following cross-cutting themes to address different prevalent issues of European integration: The evalu­ation of Germany’s role with regard to European policies, the effects of crises as well as differ­en­tiated integration as a mode of European integration.

The overar­ching goal of the Conference is to discuss exten­sively and commu­nicate German European policy in the context of important European devel­op­ments and milestones, including reflec­tions on the 2020 German EU Council Presi­dency, the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 German federal elections as well as the Conference on the Future of Europe.

IEP’s Annual Conference, is an oppor­tunity for exchange between academics and practi­tioners. Young as well as experi­enced academics reflect on European policy challenges together with repre­sen­ta­tives from European politics and the media, and develop common solutions.

To contex­tu­alize the program content, which will be covered in four different panels, IEP has prepared fact sheets in advance. The PDFs summarize the most important infor­mation and are available for you to download below this post.

Fact Sheets