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New Study examines reform proposals regarding the ECI

In the framework of its priority “A Union of Democ­ratic Change”, the European Commission announced a profound reform of regulation (EU) 211/2011 on the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) in May 2017. The ongoing review shall contribute to increase public awareness of the transna­tional democ­ratic instrument and to render it more user-friendly. Out of 66 ECIs regis­tered since April 2012, only three succeeded in meeting the formal requirement of collecting at least one million state­ments of support (Right2Water, One of Us, Stop Vivisection). This obser­vation reveals prevailing deficits of the current ECI-procedure and its short­comings in serving as an instrument for civic partic­i­pation and European democracy. NGOs, ECI-organ­isers, EU actors and researchers therefore published various reform proposals in the past. In the light of the ongoing review process, the European Parliament will discuss an own-initiative report by rapporteur György Schöpflin for the European Commission in autumn. The Institut für Europäische Politik will accompany the parlia­mentary discussion process by an extensive analysis of the ECI’s European added value.

On behalf of the European Parlia­mentary Research Service, the Institut für Europäische Politik examines existing reform proposals regarding the ECI and publishes policy recom­men­da­tions in order to exploit more efficiently its potential as a transna­tional democ­ratic instrument.

Detailed Objec­tives of the Study:

Project Timeline

July to October 2017

Project Team

Julian Plottka, IEP
Julia Klein, IEP
Carmen Gersten­meyer, IEP
Amelie Tittel, IEP