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Disseminator Workshop “The Value of Europe”

The study: „The Value of Europe“ by the Institut für Europäische Politik was presented and discussed during a workshop for dissem­i­nators on 15 October 2013 in the European Commission Repre­sen­tation in Berlin. The aim of the workshop was to discuss both the results of the study and its utili­sation by dissem­i­nators in the commu­ni­cation of European policy. Besides the editors, Prof. Dr. Mathias Jopp and Dr. Funda Tekin, 25 repre­sen­ta­tives of various European policy associ­a­tions attended the workshop.

The editors presented the outcomes along the lines of two dimen­sions: the material and the immaterial added value of Europe. A cost-benefit analysis for the space of freedom, security and justice, the eurozone, the European citizenship and the enlargement and neigh­bourhood policies highlighted the study’s results in detail.
There was a General consensus in the subse­quent discussion that the study was very useful, giving dissem­i­nators important arguments that they can use in their work. However, the study is also in need of further adaption by the respective organi­za­tions due to its wide target group. While the workshop’s partic­i­pants discussed the merits of involving civil society organi­za­tions already at early stages of research projects to enhance the practical relevance of scien­tific results, it was noted that this could lead to undesirable external influ­ences on the research process. Ultimately, the workshop format was considered an appro­priate method for an exchange between research and civil society.

Partic­u­larly regarding the upcoming European elections in May 2014 and associated campaigns to raise turnout, the dissem­i­nators saw the study as a substantial asset. They are inter­ested in continuing the exchange and will integrate the study’s results into their activities.