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Dare More Participative Democracy to Strengthen the European Project

While instru­ments of direct and partic­i­pative democracy mobilise citizens, insti­tu­tions of repre­sen­tative democracy are increas­ingly criti­cised. In European politics referenda are often used as brake shoes to slow down the process of European integration. In his contri­bution to issue 6/2016 of the “Newsletter für Engagement und Partizipation in Europa” of the “Bundesnet­zwerks Bürger­schaftliches Engagement (BBE)”, Julian Plottka argues that the anti-EU bias of direct democracy should be overcome. Instead of putting the whole integration project into question, partic­i­pative democracy should be used to decide about EU policies. Then the EU can become an innov­ative political system.

The whole article in German is available on BBE’s website.