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Budget negotiations, sanctions policy, EU-Turkey relations, EU agreements and Corona crisis are the topics in the new issue of integration

Finally, the way has been cleared for the new budget of the European Union! Until recently, the govern­ments of Hungary and Poland blocked the budget opposing to the intro­duction of the rule of law mechanism. The budget negoti­a­tions are one of the topics in the new issue 4/2020 of the quarterly journal integration. Further articles deal with EU sanctions policy, EU-Turkey relations, the various types of EU trade and associ­ation agree­ments, and a comparison of the COVID-19 pandemic with previous crises.

Peter Becker explains how under excep­tional circum­stances an equally excep­tional compromise was reached in the budget negoti­a­tions and what common­al­ities and devia­tions from known negoti­ation patterns exist. In their contri­bution, Niklas Helwig, Juha Jokela and Clara Portela analyse the EU sanctions policy against the background of internal and inter­na­tional challenges and identify potential for reform. Funda Tekin looks at the “EU-Turkey statement” five years on and the question whether an insti­tu­tional shift from a rules-based accession process to an interest-driven trans­ac­tional character of the bilateral relationship can be identified. Stefan Lorenzmeier discusses the effects of the opinion of the European Court of Justice on the Singapore Agreement on the design of the EU’s various trade and associ­ation agree­ments from a legal and political perspective. In forum article, Hartmut Kaelble puts the effects of the corona crisis and how it is being dealt with in relation to past crises and describes the historical novelty of the current situation.

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